Wednesday, April 30, 2008

in character

the lone ranger
this fiction character has had a positive impact on our culture. this is because the moral of his story is that of karma and kindness. the lone ranger saved the life of someone and many years later that same someone happened to save his life. the lone ranger has many solid qualities like kindness and honor. he is a good role model and an all american figure fit to be looked up to.

darth vader
daarth vader has had an impact on our culture because he helps establish the commonly used character of "the baddd guy". he is one of the most popular antagonists of our time. he teaches his viewwers lessons by being bad and having bad things happen to him.

ariel from the little mermaid
she is a postive role model to girls everywhere. she also inspires girls to sing beautifully and reach for their dreams like she did when she went on land.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

childHOOD stories

1. stories are important to childhood because they teache lessons. people read stories to their kids you develop their imagination or because they'rre babysitting the kid and have nothing else to do. kids get fun out of this experience, they tend to enjoy it. they can imagine the story intheir head while its beingtold. imsorrythespacebaronthiscomputerismessedup.
kids learn lessons like dont be greedy and share and be nice/kind. whayt they learn fromtheexperience is that the person who is readingtothem cares about therm.

2. older people read stories for the smae escape from reality and fly away with theirimaginations. when you read crzy thingsyouimagine them and sometimes thatr provokes you imagine other crazy things. which isalways fun. im nnot sure what theylearn, probably similar, more adult versions ofthelessons little kids get from their storybooks.

3. theyb are importnat becausethey are partofeducation. it adds tot he nations identity by showing that we have afirm focus oneducation.
books are good for discussion when they are about or dealwith important or issues. stories allow people to i-m-a-g-i-n-e.

4. i dont really remember stories from my childhood. the tales i remember were from disney videos. like snow white, cinderella, and bambi..?
disney movies stand out because they are interesting, funny, and colorful. i connect stories with past babysitters and people who haveread them tome.


1. it is captivating, enthralling, and interesting.
it makes you wantto read on page after page. a page turner youmight say.

2. should include solid characters. well rounded, complex characters that do well rounded,complex things.

3. good, fine plot. should not have a ton ofmadness goingon. there should probably be some structure to the events going on.

4. should include conflict. conflict spices things up.

5. teach a lesson. teach you somethingsometime usually thiscomes at the end but i'm fine with it being anywhere.

6. pace. the story should flow. not have super intense parts then dull dull dull parts following or sandwiching the parts of exitement.

7. setting. a story should have a swell setting. haha sorry i really hadto say that.

anyways, a story should paint a clear picture of not only the setting but also the characters.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dust buster

i like blogging in class
i liked writing and reading what other people wrote

mca's were a drag so i'm glad they're over
also, kimya dawson is playing tonight
but the show is sold out so that supersucks
besides those, my world is entirely sunny right now
the weather is pimpin'
idont have homework or anything
and i'm very stoaked for summer

my brother has this thing that is the length of
a longboard and is similar to a long board
the difference is you swivel on it and it has two sections
you can still carve and everything
im going to go ride it
my brother wants to have a airsoft war
so i guess that's going to go down too

its nice out
so thats where im going to be
goodbye fair world

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

topic of my choice

i think if clouds were edible, they'd taste like watermelon.

i was curious as to the taste of my tangerine
so i peeled it carefully
what i found was not sweet
i chewed it sourly

i love kimya dawson
i llike how her songs aren't all serious
there are some with meaning and some that have like no real structure at all
listen t o her

i decided to look up random words, i typed in arash but didn't have that so i just settled for..
\Raash\, n. [Cf. Ar. ra'ash trembling, tremor.] (Zo["o]l.) The electric catfish. [Written also

if i was stranded on a desert island with nothing at all but myself and it;s natural things like bamboo trees, etc. i would first write help really big in the sand to tell planes and whoever happened to fly by that i was there and needed help. then, id find food because i'd probably be hungry. this would probably be the case because i have like a never ending hunger. which causes me to eat a lot. the food i consume the most is cereal. yesterday i ate frosted flakes... my family rarely gets sugary cereal because there against sugar so it was nice to have it around. both my parents are into organics so i eat pretty healthy. they dont buy pop or candy, stuff like that...
anyways, my favorite foods are sushi, sandwiches, pickles, olives, cereal, fruit, vegetables, anything made out of potatoes, fortune cookies, pasta
when i eat out i like going to subway, potbelly, chipotle, there's probably more..


Saturday, March 15, 2008

today, i am a poetry critic. tomorrow, who knows.

The Bagel

David Ignatow

I stopped to pick up the bagel
rolling away in the wind,
annoyed with myself
for having dropped it
as if it were a portent.
Faster and faster it rolled,
with me running after it
bent low, gritting my teeth,
and I found myself doubled over
and rolling down the street
head over heels, one complete somersault
after another like a bagel
and strangely happy with myself.

2. i intially chose this poem because of it's title. i thought it was funny and i always fall for dumb/funny things like that :]

once i read it though i came to like it and i find the last line very nice and interesting.

i also like the vocab, sweet words are always nice.

3. the title is the subject matter of the poem, it's main focus, what it revolves around.

4. the author uses comparison.. personification, kind compare things. for instance, a bagel to wind in line two and a rolling human to a [rolling] bagel in line 11. they influence the poem by making it more vivid and easy for the reader to imagine. the author dosent quite put an emphasis on any particular words, they all seem to bond and flow nicely. although portent seemed to stick out to me. probably because this is the first time i've seen it. it's a neat word.
yes the author (who will be referred to now on as "the a") did focus the readers attention on a image. which was a man running, rolling, and chasing his rambunctious bagel that has accidentally rolled away. the feeling that is created through the poem is frustration at the beginning, determination through the middle and happiness at the end !

5. the tone is bittersweet. the writer succeeds in creating this tone by using serious words like 'portent" and words of frustration like "annoyed" or "gritting my teeth". he uses words like doubled, rolling, or complete somersault to create the image of motion. earlier in the poem, the part that carries a more serioous tone, the sound of the words aren't smooth. if you were to say them they dont pleasantly roll off your tongue, they kind of stumble. take "portent" for have to say it in two chunks. por and tent. dosen't roll like a word like soliloquie... dont think i spelled that right.

Friday, March 7, 2008

1. What kinds of writing do you like to read? (Poetry, short stories, novels, etc.)
i like reading fiction, non-fiction about interesting things or people, and children's stuff mostly dr. suess

What kinds of writing do you like to write? (Poetry, short stories, scripts, etc.)
i like writinfg short stories, long stories and free writing

How often do you write when it is not a school assignment?What topics most intrigue you? Explain why.
i usually dont write when its not assigned but lately ive been writing songs with a friend. topics that inntrriguue me are people because its interesting that they are all different and think and act differently, places because its something new, nature because i like it and being around it its a nice place to find yourself and play, food because i like it and am interested in how its made/came to be, piercings because i find them interesting especially in odd places i think there a good invention and a good way to express yourself, tatoos because there pretty unless you get a ugly one there also a way to express yourself and set you apart, let you be and individual, musicbecause its amazing and im glad it was invented i like hear and making it, im curious about it and the people who make it...many artist are intersting people, theories there crazy and theres so many of them, religions- some of them are also crazy and everyone believes something different, wierd facts there interesting

3. fruit snacks
are awesome. they come in a billion different shapes and flavors, there colorful and there squishy. what's not to love?!
lately i have been buying hello kitty fruit snacks. there tasty and cute. if i were to rate them out of four stars id give them a three. yes, there that good.
before hello kitty i was into lego fruit snacks... those are cool because they have CRaZy FlAvOr CoMbInaTionsSs. i do wish you could actually build stuff out of them though. like real legos.
these just happen to be myu recent favorites but in the fruit snack aisle you will find tons of other kinds. like pirates of the caribbean, spiderman and dora the explora for example.

Monday, February 25, 2008

entrada numero tres

1. i liked writing a play. it was someone new i had not done before. i did find it hard to write realistic dialogue that also expressed characteristics of my character though. but i got over it and did pretty well. play writing is alot harder than book writing in my opinion. because you have to write what each person says and format your writing a certain way. there are a lot of breaks in your thoughts. when you add colons, move down to the next line or italize, for example. making you pause before you can continue typing what you are thinking. when you are writing a book, you can just pour out sentence after sentence into your keyboard and onto the screen without having to stop. i like that better because it's a constant flow. i liked how stage directions are italasized, it maked it easy to differenciate them from dialogue. i guess a pleasant surprise that i came across was that once i started writing, my characters developed really easily and pretty much on thier own. it would be good to write a television or drama script, i would try it.

2. if i were to give a 10 year old advice, i'd find out what his main problem or concern was then try to tackle it. that way he would listen and my help would be beneficial. i'd relate the problem to my life if i could, so he knows that he's not alone in having this problem. if i was going to just give random advice i'd say to have fun in everythign you do. i'd say this becasue i feel it's important and you shouldn't forget about happiness in the pursuit of success or whatever it is you strive for. but don't loose focus on whatever it is and know when to serious and take things seriously. but definately live it up when the time is right. i would amphasize balance in your life. to be and have fun but also be studious, focused. that way you can experience things without them having negative effects. i would not give advice based upon what i see in others. unless it was someone i was close to. because advice based on others is pretty much just opinion and observation. and that dosen't make for very solid advice. it's better to use your personal experiences when helping someone out. yes, my advice would probably be based or involve their thoughts, choices, peer issues, school and such.

3. i thhink a work of writing becomes long lasting when it is easy to relate to. that way no matter how old it is people can still have somethihgn in common with it. that's good because then they reader feels involved in what they are reading. i could not see myself writing anythang that lasts that long but hey, who knows.